Seven new videos posted

I have posted seven new videos to

Topics include:

• What do you think of the announcement from the EU about a fiscal compact?
• Is it a big deal that the U.K. is not in the agreement?
• Why are Germans hesitant to allow Eurobonds?
• Can you comment on the recent ECB announcement?
• SCORE2 and the backdoor bailout?
• How good is the news that the unemployment rate fell to a 2.5 year low?

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3 Responses to Seven new videos posted

  1. paul bryant says:

    why is it that comparisons of unemployment metrics across countries (specifically the US vs EU countries) are never adjusted to make it apples to apples comparisons? only reporting people that are still eligible to be in the unemployment line is very misleading.

    • charvey says:

      It is true that unemployment rates are not calculated on the same basis across countries. Even within the U.S. there are six rates, U1 to U6 (the latter being the so called “all in” rate). Seasonal adjustment algos also differ across countries.

  2. Bob Green says:

    I really enjoy your insights on the US economy and the world.