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U.S. Bitcoin Exchange Launched by Coinbase

Here is an unedited version of the interview I did with NPR’s Marketplace regarding today’s announcement by Coinbase that they have opened a U.S. exchange for the trading of bitcoin. I am also quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal here. Q. Why … Continue reading

Understanding the latest QE

On January 22, 2015, the European Central Bank announced a new QE program. In this audioblog, I attempt to decode what was done and the risks that it involves. 1. What is QE? Campbell Harvey: (MP3) 2. What is the … Continue reading

Flukes and Snake Oil


I have just posted a new paper on a fundamental problem that all scientists face: how do you evaluate whether a discovery is true or just a fluke? We are accustomed to using a “two sigma” rule. If the effect … Continue reading

Most Claims of Financial Product Outperformance are False


Q: Investors often rely on financial research when developing strategies. Your recent findings suggest they should be wary. What did you find? Campbell Harvey: My paper is about how we conduct research as both academics and practitioners. I was inspired … Continue reading

Roman Centurions and the Price of Gold Today


On August 23, 2011, the price of gold reached $1,913.50. Today the price is $1,450 – a drop of over 25%. What is going on? Why should we care?

The Last Man Standing


Which is a greater force driving volatility: uncertainty about whether the U.S. can get its budget act together or Europe’s future? I would argue that Europe poses a much greater risk — and it is less understood in U.S. markets. … Continue reading

Hold On!

Campbell Harvey analyzes the recent economic data and what it means for the U.S. longer term economic growth prospects. Continue reading

The Cult of Bailout

  What single word best characterizes policy responses in this on-going financial crisis? “BAILOUT”. It goes something like this. You take a lot of risk and reap lots of rewards (be it in pay, bonus, or social programs). You get … Continue reading

Hockey Stick or a Plank?

“Only” 36,000 jobs lost in February. That is relatively good news. The storyline was the following. Given all the snow, we should have lost more jobs. 36,000 was a relatively good number because if there was no snow we would … Continue reading

Bombs Away

Risk has greatly increased this week. There are two reasons. First, the Euro-bomb could explode anytime. Second, the U.S. government dropped a bomb in telling us that the employment losses during the current recession are far worse than people had … Continue reading